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Providing investment advice and wealth management services.


We conduct our own strategy research, and don't accept commissions.

Since 2012

We have been advising some of Ireland’s wealthiest families since 2012.

Wealth Management | Investment Advice | Portfolio Construction

We provide advice in respect of individual wealth, corporate funds and pension assets.

Our Approach to Fees

Proven, Successful & Trusted

Since inception, we have advised clients on a fee-only basis.  By not accepting commissions we believe we can advise our clients in a completely transparent and independent manner.

Individual assets

Providing investment advice to achieve both shorter term goals & longer term inter-generational family goals.

Corporate monies

In many cases, our clients’ wealth is held either in holding companies or through trading companies.

Pension Assets

We can review your existing pensions, advise on restructuring and amalgamating current arrangements and advise on wealth extraction from your business.

The Fund

Insignia Financial is the investment adviser to the The Ballybunion Insignia Defined Returns Fund.

Our Investment Approach

We advise across all major asset classes and we conduct our own investment strategy research, including constructing our own asset valuation model, which informs our advice and portfolio construction for our clients.